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RAJA BAUT.COM is a company engaged in the field of specialist fastener, building supplies and diverse baut.Berdiri since 2002 in Indonesia.
KING BOLT constantly strives to improve the quality of service to the customer or the subcribers fastener line with today' s technological advances and the increasing construction projects or construction of buildings in Indonesia today.
Besides produk kami Chemical Anchor ( RAMSET & HILTI) , king bolts can also distributor of various types of Mechanical Anchor and assorted baut such as:

- Dynabolt
- Spatec Triga Z
- Dynaset
- Loxin anchor Shells
- Trubolt
- Fix Z and the Fix II
- Cavity Anchors
- Light Duty Anchors
- Fix Trubolt Anchors
- Sleeve Anchor
- Universal Anchors
- Flush Anchors
- Set Anchor
- Nylon Anchor
- Heavy Duty Anchor
- Stud Anchor
- Hammer Hit Anchor
- Hammer Drive Anchors
- Wedge Anchor
- Hollow Wall Anchor
- Safety Stud Anchor
- Standard Stud anchors
- Anchors Planting
- Anchors hollow
- Tie Wire Anchors
- Ramtoggle ( Binder Nylon)
- Hit M ( anchors Hammer-In)
- Driva / Mini Driva
- Pro 6 ( anchors Universal)
- Driva Plug
- ShureDrive anchor
- EasyDrive ( anchors Nylon)
- RamPlug anchor
- TruFast
- TrakMaster ( Automatic Fastening System)

ELECTRIC TOOLS ( Fastener System Tool) :

- Hammer Drill.
- Combi Hammer.
- Demolition Hammer.
- TrakMaster.


- Maxima 7 Spin Capsules
- Hammer Capsules
- HIT HY / RE Injection Adhesive
- HVU adhesive capsule.

Formwork materials ( form-tie, P-Cone, Inner-unit, Rib-washer,
Water-stop ring for the separator, Slab-joiner, Form-tie-spanner
P-Cone spanner, Metal-form, U-clip for metal-form
P-Cone for Metal-form, Slab-leveling, Plastic Corner Chamfer, Profile) Scaffolding, Shoring supports, Safety Netting
Stud-welding on deck-plate ( job, material supply and lease)
High-tensile ( F10T) Hex, Bolt & T.C. Bolt
Special Chemical Capsule for starter-bar ( rebar-setting)
Water-stop membrane, Seal and Ring for separator
Rebar-Joint system ( special-welding system)
Anchor bolts, non-shrink mortar and Epoxy ( material & job)
Core-drilling ( by Diamond Drilling Machine)
Wall-tie for scaffoldings ( Scaffold keeper)
Pre-casting steel inserts for Wall-tie
Safety Chain, turnbuckle
Universal Pipe clamps, Catch / Beam Clamp & Pipe clamp combination.

For further information:
Contact Us:
Muhammad Mubarraq / Didi Malinda ( Raja Baut)
No.22 B Jl.Pahlawan Revolusi
Pondok Bambu - Jakarta Timur

Tel. ( 021) 8601862, 8613346, 86604413 , 86604409.
Fax. ( 021) 861 8992.
Email: sales@ bumata.co.id.
Mobile: ( 021) 9404 8734, 0813 1004 5708.
PIN Blackberry:


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